Dorian Paskowitz


Dorian Paskowitz was an American surfer and physician, who gave up practicing medicine for a living and decided to become a professional surfer. In 1972, he founded a surf camp run by his family, where campers could live alongside and surf with members of the Paskowitz family. He and his family have been referred to as the “First Family of Surfing”.

surfer dorian paskowitz

“I think it is easy to be a doctor. There are a hell of a lot more doctors than there are guys riding big Pipeline.”

dorian paskowitz ukulele

“Wisdom comes from intent, experience, and finding courage.”

Dorian Paskowitz surfing

“My favorite toy or game has been the ocean. My real passion is for saltwater.”

dorian doc paskowitz surfboard

“Once you paddle out, Hawaii is Hawaii.”

Dorian Paskowi first family of surfing

“It’s easier to die when you have lived, than it is to die when you haven’t. So I say to all young people, go make memories; beautiful memories. Because when the time comes to go, you won’t go alone.”

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“There are always kids living in campers on the beach, writing sonnets about waves and boards, and the ocean as their church, but in five years, they’ll be working for big commercial real estate companies. My dad did it forever.” ~Israel Paskowitz