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Kullen Coble

Hawaii kid living on the island of Maui who loves running around barefoot on the beach, playing in the ocean, going on upcountry trips into the mountains and exploring all the surrounding Hawaiian Islands.

“Seek adventure; travel the world, spend as much time as possible outdoors exploring remote natural places.  Seek solitude; pursue activities that create long-lasting soulful experiences in environments that move you spiritually and leave you humbled, amazed and fascinated.”

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Kullen Coble


Snow covered mountain getaways are truly a yin-yang experience when you live in Hawaii.  Snowboarding trips are a great way to enjoy boardriding in a completely different environment that is just as much fun as surfing in the islands.  It’s cool to go from boardshorts to full body winter gear, liquid water to frozen water, replacing surfboards with snowboards, you literally go from waxing the top of boards to waxing the bottom.  Even the board stance is opposite; with surfboards we lean back with snowboards you put your weight on the front of the board and at the end of a session pulling off snowboard boots sucks just as much as peeling off a wetsuit.  The machines are similar as well going from waverunners to snowmobiles; the whole surfing & snowboarding experience is oppositely alike.  I love spending winters snowboarding in California, Colorado & Wyoming; mountains in the winter are amazing!  From Copper Mountains blue skies, to Tahoe’s blue water to being in Jackson Hole with the Tetons in the background. Mix it all with cold mountain air, warm sunrises, groomed runs in the morning, open air chairlift rides, powder days, fireplaces & hot tubs, log lodges, hot chocolate, s’mores, snowmobiling, village lights at night, tubing and best of all is the magical experience of watching falling snow.  

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