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California Skateparks

California has some of the best skateparks in the world!  I always seek out new skateparks whenever I am traveling around the state of California….here are some of my favorite California skateparks.    

skateboarder kullen coble happy hapa skateboarding
Venice Beach Skatepark
kullen coble skateboarding vans skatepark combi pool
Vans Off The Wall Skatepark | Huntington Beach
kullen coble skateboarding encinitas skatepark
Encinitas Skatepark
kullen coble skateboarding prince park skatepark
Prince Skatepark | Oceanside
kullen coble skateboarding alga norte skatepark carlsband
Alga Norte Skatepark | Carlsband
kullen coble skateboarding linda vista skatepark san diego
Linda Vista Skatepark | San Diego
kullen coble skateboarding ymca krause family skatepark san diego
YMCA Krause Family Skatepark | San Diego
kullen coble washington street skatepark wsvt san diego
Washington Street Skatepark WSVT | San Diego

Los Angeles areas of  Venice Beach & Santa Monica are the birthplace of skateboarding.  Rip City Skates is the areas oldest skateboard shop and it is my favorite.    

dogtown venice beach california
kullen coble venice beach los angeles
dogtown skateboard
rip city skates
california skateparks