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Worlds Coolest Skateboard Shop

Rip City Skates; LA area skateboard shop established in 1978.  Skateboarding history permeates from the walls ‘good vibes‘ place is like the Smithsonian of skateboarding.  A true skateboarders shop that goes back to the birth of skateboarding and the Dogtown days of Venice & Santa Monica.

Old Skateboard with Ceramic Wheels
Dogtown Skateboard
I met skateboarder Mark Jones at Rip City Skates. It is important that we have a sense of gratitude to the first generation skateboarders who were instrumental in creating the sport and lifestyle we all love.  In this photo of Mark you can see him launching high off a ramp before there were skateparks. Remember the history, respect the culture and promote the lifestyle!
Rip City Stain Glass T-Shirt
Owner Jim McDowell gave me these cool Rip City stickers!