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Visited the birthplace of skateboarding Venice Beach, California.  The Venice Beach Skatepark is a iconic landmark to Southern California and covers 16,000 square feet equipped with rails, ramps, steps and a large bowl.  

Dogtown Skateboards | Venice Beach, CA
Rip City Skates is my favorite LA area skate shop
I met Stacy Peralta the director of the documentary ‘Dogtown and Z-Boys’ who grew up in Venice, CA.


Venice Beach Skatepark T-Shirt

Venice Beach Skatepark T-Shirt $21.00
One of our favorite skateparks in the world! This place is sacred ground, no other skatepark has the vibe of this place. The birthplace of skateboarding, a must pilgrimage for all skateboarders. It is also a great surf spot and snowboarding opportunities are just a car ride away. One of those rare places you can pull off a ‘Trifecta’ surf, skate and snowboard in the same day!!

Venice Beach Skatepark