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“Seek adventure; travel the world, spend as much time as possible outdoors exploring remote natural places. Seek solitude; pursue activities that create long-lasting soulful experiences in environments that move you spiritually and leave you humbled, amazed and fascinated.”

“Life is inherently complicated; beautiful moments will happen – crazy terrible things will happen…do your best to navigate the magic and the tragic. Remember ‘Less is More’ always try to keep things as simple as possible. Live your Tao; balance dominates the Universe, Yin & Yang flows through the cosmos.”

“Create a lifestyle that is connected to the Ebb & Flow of the earth; Surf, Sail, Skateboard, Snowboard, Climb, Fish and Eat Healthy. Concentrating on these seven disciplines should be your religion, the natural world your church. Boardriding, Climbing & Sailing are all about immersing yourself in the elements and experiencing Terror & Joy. Understand…waves are meant to be ridden, wind is meant to propel us, snow is meant to be slid down, rocks are meant to be climbed, streets are meant to be skated. Combine all these activities with reeling in fighting fish, meditation, yoga and a healthy diet…dedicating your life to these Athletic & Artistic pursuits, being creative and perfecting your craft is the most stimulating pathway to a healthy Mind, Body & Soul.”

“Do your best to explore the four corners of the planet; Hawaii, Indonesia, Portugal & Chile and everywhere in between. It is important to immerse yourself in different cultures and understand everything is connected; People, Plants & Animals.”

“Get away from all the noise; you have to tune out to get tuned in. Living a blessed life is about Harmony & Honesty with yourself and your environment. Intentionally try not to get super detailed with planning out your life. Do your best not to force things, go with the flow and be happy or amused with whatever happens. Over time you will discover practicing this peaceful-play belief works best. Many of your most memorable moments will be unexpected experiences you could have never planned for.”

“Understand the clock is always ticking, you are going to die. Time is our most valuable asset because it is our most limited resource. Life is mostly made up of repetitive mundane activities, sleeping, working, eating, etc. Over an average lifespan there is not a whole lot of time available to do what you really want to be doing. None of us have any way of knowing how much time we have. Do your best to make the most of every day.”

“Taking a leap of faith, having a feverish fire burning inside you is how you accomplish your desires. You must first commit, then figure it all out as you go. In life there are times to go fast & furious and times to go slow & steady, trial and error is how you figure it out; preparation, practice, patients, persistence, passion, positivity & perseverance is the only way to achieve anything worth achieving. ‘Luck’ always originates from your gut, being lucky is spawned from intense preparation and placing yourself at the right place at the right time which is fostered from Instinct & Intuition.”

“Embrace change; be curious, be uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to enter the unknown. Always doing the same thing and being in the same place is stagnating and creates an unhealthy existence. Change and adversity are unavoidable, you must constantly adapt in order to evolve.  Generate new life experiences; try new activities, study new ideas, learn new tricks, experience new places. To stay stimulated you have to take chances, always be seeking out an inspiring new way of being.”

“Free will, campfires, ART, deep snow, dry deserts, muddy waters, old growth forest, mountain summits, tropical islands all contribute to a well-rounded mental & physical wellness. Raging waves, winds, rivers and remote wild places…pursuing these ideals are what you should Explore, Dream & Discover.”

“Live, Laugh & Love; nothing is more important than your happiness, stay positive, do what makes you happy, pursue what brings joy to your life. The secret sauce to life is keeping things stupid simple…for your Mind; eat healthy food, you’ll stay in a good mood – for your Body; chop wood, you’ll sleep good – for the Soul; Surf/Sail/Skate, for your spirits sake.”