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I spend my winters snowboarding at Copper Mountain and skateboarding at the Woodward Copper Barn located in Colorado.

kullen coble copper mountain snowboarding
kullen coble jumping off ramp woodward copper
kullen coble woodward copper tramp jump board
woodward copper skateboarding
kullen coble copper mountain woodward barn
burton snowboard kullen coble
copper mountain

Aerial photos of Copper Mountain I have taken from our plane . . .  

copper mtn
copper mtn ski resort
copper mountain ski resort colorado
copper mountain colorado
kullen coble copper snowboarding
kullen coble hot tub copper mountain colorado
kullen coble mom ohana copper mountain
kullen coble skateboard fireplace copper mountain
kullen dad ohana blue bubble liftchair copper mountain
Shaun White | Copper Mountain
kullen coble snowboards copper mountain
Copper Mountain Snowboards
kullen coble snowboarding roller board the barn
kullen coble west village copper mountain colorado
kullen coble snowflake fire pit copper mountain
Copper Mountain Village | Elevation 9,712′

Copper Mountain

copper mountain colorado