Carroll Shelby

“There is no such thing as too much horsepower, just not enough traction.”

carroll shelby race car driver

“Yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s a mystery.  So live for today.”

carroll shelby 24 hours of le mans

“The day you were born, it was already written down the day you’re gonna check out.  Now, I’m not gonna throw myself under a truck, but I’m not gonna worry about when I die.  I’m ready to move on when that day comes.”

carroll shelby racing car

“I never made a dime until I started doing what I wanted.”

Carroll Shelby Quotes

“I never had ambitions to see how rich I could get.  I got a lot of contemporaries that that’s their ambition and I don’t know very many of them that are happy.”

carroll shelby automotive designer

“I’ve had a good run.  I’ve built a lot of things that work and a lot of things that didn’t work.”

carroll shelby cobra
Carroll Shelby 1923 – 2012